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Why tiles?

Dec 17

Why tiles?

Gorgeous and Enduring

A distinctive, durable, and beautiful tile is the ideal roofing material. It has a long life span. Its natural aesthetics have been valued for thousands and still are today. There are many shapes, profiles, and color options for endless decorative possibilities. Tile lasts a lifetime and retains its colors, unlike asphalt shingles or wood shakes.


The beauty of tile is not the only thing it offers. Tile roofs are more durable than concrete and can resist water, frost fire, wind, insects, and fire. An owner of a building will be able to afford a well-installed tile roof for their entire life. This is a major advantage in terms of resale.


Tile is the most versatile roofing material. Clay and concrete can be formed to look like wood shakes and chipped stone. There is a solution for every architectural style.

Energy Efficient

Tile roofs have exceptional thermal properties that reduce heat loss or gain and are suitable for almost all climates. Natural air ventilation underneath the tiles creates heat transfer barriers which can reduce heat loss and increase comfort.


Tile roofing is made with raw materials that aren't harmful to limit natural resources. It is not petroleum-based roofing, such as asphalt shingles. Tile roofing is free from preservatives. The waste generated during production can be used immediately to recycle the product and not landfilled.

Solid Investment

If you take into account the cost per year, tile roofs are an incredible value. Although initial costs can be more expensive, customers who choose clay or concrete tiles roofs will enjoy long-term beauty, quality, efficiency, and sustainability.


Benefits and Features of Tile Roofs


Color Variety
Concrete and clay tile come in a range of colors from light to dark, multi-colored or mixed, making it easy for you to coordinate your roof with the exterior colors.
 Styles and profiled roof tiles can match any architectural style. They can be round or flat, mimic wood shakes, or replicate centuries-old roofing material.
 Value Added
More appraisal credits can help houses sell quicker and more efficiently.


Tile roofs have the lowest lifetime cost of any roofing material. These centuries-old tiles roofs continue to be used today.
 Fire Resistance
Tiles can be used as both a product and system that are fire resistant up to Class A.
 High Wind Resistance
Both concrete tile roofing and clay roofing have been tested to withstand winds up to 150 miles an hour.
 Hail Resistance
Concrete and clay tile can resist hailstones up to a size of a golf ball.
 Tested Seismic
When installed in accordance with current fastening standards, tile roofs can exceed seismic load requirements.


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