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5 Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration

Mar 7

5 Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration

Restoring metal roofs is the process of removing rust and corrosion from them. The low-pressure water jet spray will remove the rust particles and corrosion. The metal should then be painted to protect it against future damage.

Remove any loose material, such as rotten wood and flakes rust, before you can restore metal roofing. Next, scrape off any asphalt or tar. The third step is de-greasing and removing any paint or other surface coatings. The final step involves applying a rust inhibitor as well as paint or sealant.

There are five reasons to have metal roofing restored on your buildings.

Reduced Costs

Metal roofing restoration costs significantly less than replacing it. New metal roofing can be expensive.

The cost of a metal roofing installation depends on several factors. The cost of metal roofing restoration will depend on how large the roof is in square footage. A typical metal roof installation will cost between $5-10 per square foot or approximately $1,000 to $5,000 for 1,000 square feet.

Extension of the Roof's Lifespan

A roof restoration is a process that repairs or replaces damaged or worn-out components. This can increase a roof’s lifespan. One of two options for roof restoration is available: a partial restoration that fixes the affected area, or a complete restoration that replaces all components.

Sealant is the best material for metal roofing restoration. The sealant protects the metal from water penetration. There are several sealants that you can use, but the most popular are acrylic and asphalt. These sealants protect the metal from water penetration for up to 10 years. Acrylic sealants tend to be more expensive than asphalt. This is why many people prefer asphalt sealants when restoring roofs.

Faster Installation Process

Metal roofing restoration is much quicker than metal roofing removal and installation because it requires less labor. The professional can replace the damaged metal. While replacing damaged metal may take only one hour, the process of removing and installing metal roofing could take up to five.

High-Quality, Durable Materials

Most metal roofing restorations require the use of aluminum sheets, stainless steel sheets, and a sealant. A silicone caulking or a urethane sealant are often used. The sealant seals the seams of panels to protect them from corrosion.

To cover the seams of metal roofing panels, the aluminum sheet is often welded on to provide a smooth exterior finish for metal roofing restoration projects.

Other Flat Roofing Options

Multiple materials can be used over metal roofing materials to create new roofing systems. An EPDM or PVC single-ply roof system can be used to attach the metal roofing. TPO is another option. This can be attached to metal roofing to create new roofs.

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