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Five Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor Before You Begin Your Project

Mar 27


Anxiety can develop for homeowners who aren't used to roofing. Your home is probably your most significant investment. You don't want someone else to harm your home with the job poorly. However, doing the work yourself can result in injury, especially if aren't sure what you're supposed to do. A professional roofing contractor is recommended close to you.


Here are five questions to ask your roofing company prior to signing a contract.


Are you a licensed roofing contractor?

The first question you should inquire about a roofing company is whether they've got the proper license to work within the state. Although most states require contractors to be licensed, however, this doesn't stop them from working on roofing. However, the federal government regulates roofing. A license proves that the contractor is qualified and knowledgeable enough to practice their profession.


Many states have their own websites which allow you to enter the license number of the contractor and find out their status. If a roofing contractor is unable to show their license, it is best to think twice before hiring them.


Do you have the right insurance?

There is always an opportunity for injury during any home improvement or repairs, but more so for roofing projects. In such instances, it is crucial to make sure that both you and the contractor have the appropriate insurance.


Ask if the roofing contractor is insured for general liability and workers' compensation insurance. General liability insurance protects you should your property be damaged, while workers' compensation insurance guarantees that you'll not be held accountable for medical expenses if the contractor is injured during the course of work. A majority of states require contractors carry general liability insurance since it shields the contractor from lawsuits arising against their work.


Can I have a look at your references?

Checking their previous work is an excellent way to determine the experience and skills of a roofing company. Contact the contractor in west palm beach to provide a list of past clients. You can go to them or discuss their experiences. If they're satisfied with the work, then you can be confident in the quality of work performed by the contractor.

Do you hire subcontractors to perform a portion of the work?

Sometimes roofing contractors employ subcontractors to help with part of their roofing projects. If this is the case for your project you must also ask the subcontractors if they have the required license and insurance.


It is also important to inquire about whether they'll employ subcontractors in the event that payments issues arise between the roofing contractor and the subcontractor they have hired. Unpaid subcontractors can work with you to secure their right to lien on the roofing job. If they do not pay, it could make you responsible for the payment.


What do you want to be compensated?

Uncertain terms for payment can create serious issues at the end. Contact the roofing contractor to discuss the payment method they prefer before any problems arise in the payment. Ask the contractor what the project will cost, and also the amount that they wish to pay upfront. Also, inquire whether they would like to be paid according to the time frame or on milestones. Prior to the roofing project's beginning ensure that you have clarified the details.


It's not easy to find a trustworthy roofing contractor in West Palm Beach. Be aware of these crucial questions you should ask prospective contractors such as Roof It Better. If their response is positive and you are satisfied, you can be confident that your roofing job will proceed easily.



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