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Can Insurance Cover Storm Damage On Your Roof?

Jun 2

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Does insurance cover the storm’s roof damage?

Despite the constant innovation, our house still can’t entirely resist the wrath of the storm. We need to invest more in making it secure when natural calamities occur. That is why more homeowners spend thousands of dollars on upgrading their homes just to make sure that nothing bad will ever happen to their loved ones that were living in that house.

Some people find expert roofers before the storm hits to ensure that their roof is in good condition for the coming disaster. There might be no assurance of not having any damages, but it can somehow give them a chance not to get any and to fix those minor damages that can be a possible reason for serious problems during a storm.



It is always advisable to have insurance so that when a roof is damaged due to a natural calamity like a storm, you will receive some help to replace it. But it also depends on the insurance policy they have; that is why it is essential to know more about the details of what is covered before getting one.

The policy does not cover any roof leaks due to overaged materials, for it is not a result of any unwanted events like a disaster. That is one reason why you get confused why one of the people you know got an insurance claim after the storm, but you didn’t.

The things that you need to do after the storm for you to receive your insurance claim:

  • Before and after photos of the clean-up - To support your claim documents, you need to let the insurance representative see the whole scenario by taking pictures before, during, and after the messy situation of the storm.
  • Fixing your roof - Before making some repairs, make sure that your insurance representative has already inspected your roof for the policy requirements. And make sure that the contractors and roofers have the credential to conduct inspections in storm damages.

Bad weather conditions will create chaos and destruction to the property that we value and invest in, so it is necessary to prepare what to do when those things happen to you.