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Busting Common Myths About Metal & Copper Roofing

Aug 25

Copper roofing has been criticized for its reputation as a commercial roofing solution. Copper is an excellent alternative to any other roofing material. Copper roofs are still a controversial choice for building owners and operators. These concerns must be overcome to eliminate doubts about the copper's ability to perform the task. Copper is the only roofing material that can improve with age, so it should be considered when evaluating copper.


Unlike other roofing materials that can degrade over time, copper will develop a protective coating to protect your building. A copper roof is an unbeatable choice in the industry. Its superior performance and durability make it a popular choice.


Copper is one of the oldest metals found on buildings dating back to the 1500s. Copper roofs will last for many years and can be used to protect homes or buildings. Copper roofs can last for over 100 years. This is a rare investment that will provide a great return on your investment.

Copper roofing systems are often misunderstood for commercial buildings.

  • Copper roofing in Toronto offers a wide range of colors and styles. These options are comparable to other roofing types, and copper roofs offer aesthetic benefits that aren't available in other systems. No matter what design your building has or the color scheme of its exterior, you can find copper roofing that will complement it.


  • It is not energy efficient

A large commercial building requires a lot of energy to create a comfortable tenant environment. You should ensure that the copper surface you install is energy-efficient when you hire a contractor to do copper work in Toronto. A metal roof will reflect the UV rays, the source of heat transfer into your building. Copper roofs will lower your cooling and heating costs and increase energy control.


  • It will not perform well under extreme conditions

A roof's primary function is to protect the environment from the elements and create a controlled climate. Copper roofs perform better than any other roofing system. Copper is an excellent choice for buildings in areas with high winds, heavy snowstorms, and frequent rainstorms. Copper is weather-resistant and can protect your building's exterior against damage from inclement weather.


  • It's not as durable as other materials

A commercial building's carbon footprint will be larger than a home. Copper roofs are a great choice if you want to take steps to reduce your carbon footprint. More than 75 percent of the copper that has been mined has been recycled. Copper is the most commonly recycled metal on Earth, so it's an excellent choice to install a green material such as copper.


  • It will sound

Copper roofs are quieter than many metal roofs. Copper is a soft metal and won't be affected by rain or hailstones. A copper roof is placed on substrates with underlays, damping the sound when the elements impact it. Copper roofing systems are quieter than other types of roofing in the rain.


  • Metal roofs are too expensive

Roofs are expensive. The price should be directly proportional to the performance. Copper roofs will last for decades and should be considered an investment. It's not about the cost; it's about the purpose of the roofing system. Copper roofs are a better choice than other roofing systems because of their durability, longevity, and high performance.


  • Metal roofs can be easily damaged

A large hailstone can cause damage to metal roofs. Copper is a soft metal, but it can withstand hail storms and other metal roofing systems.

We can install copper roofing in Toronto.

Woodbridge roofers have a lot of experience in copper roofing and can provide high-quality workmanship. Our work speaks for itself. We have served commercial building owners in the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years. Contact our office today to discuss your options regarding copper roofing.