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Why do people put copper on their roofs?

Aug 25

There are many metal options, each with its style and options. Copper has a timeless look and will last a lifetime. Copper can last more than 100 years if it is well maintained. Copper is a fantastic choice for your home because of its beauty and durability. Continue reading to discover more about copper roof benefits.

1. Style Changes

Copper can be paired with many building styles. Copper can be used with all structures, from modern to old techniques.

2. Flexibility

Copper is versatile and flexible. Copper's flexibility makes it great for special needs. A professional roofing contractor Toronto or metal worker can shape copper to fit your home's natural architecture.

3. Weather-Resistant

Copper is a gentle giant that can ignore flies and weather conditions. Your copper will eventually turn a greenish color. Your copper roof will become stronger after this color change.

4. Fireproof (and Resistant To Mildew And Fungus).

Copper is not flammable, so that it won't catch fire from electrical storms or faulty wiring. Copper isn't a material that supports life. Copper surfaces are incompatible with mildew and fungus.

5. Efficient and maintenance-free

Copper is weather-resistant and requires little upkeep to remain functional and beautiful. Copper is the best choice for you.

6. Simple on Your Home's Architecture

Copper is lightweight. Copper is lighter than other roofing materials, so your home will not be as stressed. Copper roofs can help you save money on maintenance and repairs to your home's foundation.

Why is copper suitable for roofing

Copper roofing is a popular choice. It is not common to place a copper roof over a residential residence. Copper roofing is becoming increasingly popular in real estate and neighborhood buildings due to its many benefits over traditional roofing materials. 

A homeowner installing a copper roof can expect it to last many years with proper maintenance. Copper roofing can be expensive at first, but homeowners will save money over the lifetime of their home by reducing the need to maintain it.

Copper roofing might be a good choice for you for many reasons.

  • Copper is very durable. New homes are often built using lower-quality materials today than in the past. This trend comes with its downsides. More homes are now having to have their flat roofs repaired or replaced. Copper is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions that could adversely affect other materials. Copper roofs can last hundreds of years.
  • A copper roof is an environmentally-friendly investment. Copper roofs can be made up of 75 percent recycled copper. Instead of using tar and shingles, emitting harmful chemical fumes, homeowners can install a copper roof to protect the air around their homes.
  • Copper can withstand extreme weather conditions. Copper roofs are often resistant to fire hazards in Toronto, where dry summers can lead to wildfires. Copper roofs can be a time-saver in the Northeast and Midwest, where snowfalls are heavy.
  • Copper roofs are not suitable for animals. Wooden roofs are vulnerable to termites, squirrels, and raccoons. Copper's surface is not appealing to animals, and homeowners can avoid dealing with pests.
  • Copper roofs add unique beauty to exterior homes. Copper roofs, copper chimney caps, and copper weathervanes can be used to give your home a unique look.


Copper is a beautiful, efficient material that will add a unique touch to your home for many years. You have many options for metal roofing and siding. Consult it with professional roofers Toronto to choose the best one.